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Campaign: Interactivity

Enable participation and involvement from the community it serves

A council website should support users needing grassroots 'community' information and could engage more effectively if it had a companion portal (or even better - as part of its main site) for communities, business and residents to participate with; much like the model at - http://www.citysoup.ca

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Campaign: Design

Don't break the user experience

There is nothing worse than being pushed to a service that's not technically part of the website and being met with an alien gui. If you're bringing another, developed service in (for example, The Meeting Factory on Lincoln's site - http://tmf.lincoln.gov.uk), skin it up to look like the rest of your site.

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Campaign: Usability

A user centred design approach

Although the user has been championed elsehwere, I think taking a holistic, iterative user centred approach is key to making a good website (as per the ISO standard 13407). This includes: 1. Defining the audiences and context of use. 2. Researching/defining user needs (using analytics, customer feedback, interviews, surveys, user testing on current site). 3. Designing the user experience based on user needs. 4. ...more »

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Campaign: Information provision

Make the Press Centre a useful resource

As a minimum: 1) Ensure Media/Press Centre link can be easily located on homepage 2) Media centre homepage should display an up-to-date list of the most recent press releases with date of publication. 3) Press releases should also be available to journalists via RSS and via registering for an email alert. 4) Provide archive of press releases by month and year. 5) Press releases should NOT be published as PDFs or Word ...more »

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